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Self-catering farm accommodation Robertson

Eric and Laetitia invite you to come and have a rest on our peaceful and beautiful farm. Enjoy stunning views of nature and the Langeberge. Limited cell phone reception will assure you of recovery from a hectic life! We are approximately 90 minutes' drive from Cape Town which makes it an easy weekend getaway in the winelands of Robertson and on the popular and scenic Route 62. De Hoop Cottages offer affordable self-catering farm accommodation near Robertson. The farm, "Laaiplaas", is situated right at the end of the De Hoop-Kloof at the very foot of the Langeberg. Only 10 km from town and 15 minutes’ drive from all necessary shops if need be, as well as all the wine cellars that our valley is renowned for. The setting of the farm, hidden behind a substantial koppie, ensures a peaceful and tranquil sojourn, cut off from the noise and bustle.

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  • Welcome to De Hoop Cottages @ Laaiplaas Robertson
  • Here you can relax and enjoy being close to nature
  • Experience the majestic view from our farm
  • Our cottages are nestled in a beautiful blue gum forest
  • Boshuisie - Situated privately in a kloof - for the more adventurous who wants the camping experience without pitching a tent.
  • De Hoop Cottages offer open plan self-catering cottages and a bush cabin
  • Be reminded of yesteryear
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet - leave your worries at home
  • Apart from breathtaking mountain views, you can enjoy pristine nature, do some bird watching, go for a walk on the farm or in the kloof with its clear mountain pools, have a swim in the farm dams or just sit on the deck and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  • Welcome to our farm
  • Welcome to our farm
  • Welcome to our farm
  • Welcome to our farm



  • Aisophila capensis  -   Bosboomvaring  -   Forest tree fern [ferns that grow more than two metres tall, something to behold]
  • Podocarpus latifolius  -    Opregte geelhout  -    Real Yellow wood
  • Widdringtonia nodiflora  -   Bergsipres  -  Mountain Cedar
  • Leucadendron eucalyptifolium  -  Grootgeelbos   -  Gum leaved cone bush
  • Protea nerifolia  -   Blousuikerbos  -  Blue sugar bush
  • Cunonia capensis  -   Rooiels  -  Red alder
  • Podalyria calyptrate  -  Water keurtjie  -   Water blossom pea [beautifull pink pea like flowers – a show off when in bloom]
  • Psoralea pinnata var pinnata  -   Fonteinbos  -  Fountain bush
  • Searsia tomentosa [previously Rhus]  -  Korentebos  -   Currant crowberry
  • Ilex mitis  -  Without -   Cape holly [the Afrikaans folk name is indicative of the white bark while the English common name correctly describes the family]
  • Maytenus acuminate  -    Sybas  -   Silky bark [a small tree with leaves that if gently broken will leave the broken half dangling by numerous silken threads]
  • Gymnosporia buxifolia  -  Gewone pendoring  -   Common spike thorn [beware thorns that are white long and sharp]
  • Maytenus oleoides  -   Klipkershout   -  Rock candle wood
  • Dodonaea viscosa angustifolea  -    Smalblaar sandolien  -   Narrow leaved sandolive
  • Noltea Africana  -   Seepblinkblaar  -   Soap glossyleaf
  • Grewia occidentalis var occidentalis  -   Kruisbessie  -   Cross berry [a lovely pink flower with the berries four to a capsule in the form of a cross]
  • Kiggelaria Africana  -   Wildeperske  -   Wild peach
  • Curtissa dentata  -   Assegaai  -   Assegai tree [so named as the indigenous people favoured the straight young shoots as assegai or spear handles]
  • Rapanea melanophloeos  -   Kaapse boekenhout  -   Cape Beech [the red wood is used to make violins and furniture]
  • Diospyros glabra  -   Fynbos sterappel  -   Fynbos star apple
  • Olea europeana var afra  -   Olienhout  -   Wild olive [wood is very hard, long lived,  heavy and has a beutifull white with black marking colour]
  • Buddleja saligna  -   Witolienhout  -   Olive sagewood [wood is close grained , white and often used for tools if sufficient can be found]
  • Halleria Lucida  -  Notsung-  Tree fuchsia [The ideal tree for a garden where nectar loving birds visit]
  • Freylinia lanceolate  -   Heuningklokkies  -   Honey bells [a beautifull show with the white heath like flowers when in bloom]
  • Brachyleana nerifolia  -  Watervaalbos  -   Water silver oak
  • Chrysanthemoides monilifera  -   Bietou  -   Bush tickberry [a tree which turns yellow with blossoms and which the birds and children will visit when the edible berries are ripe]

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Telephone: +27 (0)23 626 4154
Cell - Eric: +27 (0)82 694 7940
Cell - Laetitia: +27 (0)82 056 3316
GPS: 33°45'07.8"S 19°57'09.8"E
Location: Laaiplaas | De Hoop | Robertson | South Africa
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